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Extreme provides access to a first-in-class technology portfolio that was previously inaccessible to the open market. This enables Oil and Gas service providers in North America to utilize the most cutting edge, advanced drilling and wireline technology as well as fluids products on the market.

Powerdrive Orbit

PowerDrive Orbit comes from the PowerDrive* RSS family of fully rotating steerable systems engineered to minimize the risk of sticking. Leveraging a complete direction and inclination sensor package close to the bit, it guarantees accurate well placement and independently generates power for 3D steering and control.
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We envision an industry driven by both small and large service providers that have access to advanced technology that changes the pace of our industry.

CPST Igniter

Streamline Cable

The StreamLINE cable sets the standard for wireline access with simplified pressure control. The smooth outer coat eliminates the need for wireline grease to improve environmental stewardship and reduced rig-up height. Because the friction coefficients are decreased, surface tension is reduced by up to 40%.


PEH-E Perforating Head

The PEH-E Perforating Head is a premium-class perforating equipment head that saves you valuable time by reducing the frequency of re-heading. This tool’s capability to increase the number of runs between required maintenance not only evolves your operations, but it also improves operational efficiency.


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