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The ASFS addressable-switch firing system is run within explosive devices. The system is a series of microprocessors attached to the initiators. Digital communication is used to operationally check and arm the switches. Each microprocessor has a unique address to individually identify the associated explosive device. All circuits, gun wiring, and connections can be checked at surface with the integrated perforating device tester (IPDT); while running in hole, checking is done with the perforation acquisition system. Positive shot indication is achieved through the switch requerying feature. In the case of a misfire or failed pressure switch, that explosive device can be skipped over. For critical operations, backup devices can be run as a contingency.

Available for all hollow carrier perforating gun systems and explosive plug-setting systems, the ASFS system is compatible with conventional detonators and Secure2 radio-frequency- (RF-) safe detonators. Up to 40 guns per descent can be run to efficiently perforate long intervals or multiple stages in one trip.