VG Plus

VG Plus is a high-performance viscosifier for all mineral oil- and synthetic-base fluids.

VG Plus Organophilic clay is an improved viscosifier and gelling additive for all mineral oil- and synthetic-base drilling, coring, workover and completion fluids. It can also be used in specialty fluids such as casing packs, packer fluids, lost circulation pills and spotting fluids where viscosity is required. VG Plus clay is an amine-treated bentonite that improves the carrying capacity, gel strength, hole cleaning and weight-material suspension. It also assists in improving filter-cake quality for reduced fluid loss, and filtration control. VG-Plus clay has particular application in mud plants, where it is especially effective when improving viscosity for mixing new fluids in low-shear and low-temperature situations.

Although it provides more viscosity in these situations than other organophilic clays, even the VG-Plus clay will not fully yield. For this reason, caution should be used to avoid overtreatment until the fluid can be circulated through the wellbore. VG Plus should be handled as an industrial chemical, while wearing protective equipment and observing the appropriate safety measures. We recommend storage in a dry, well-ventilated area, in a closed container and away from incompatibles.