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With the addition of gamma ray imaging, the TelePacer* modular MWD platform reveals bed crossings, leading to improved decision making and increased production potential. By providing formation dips, GR imaging logs guide real-time well placement and well-to-well correlation.

Improve In-Zone Percentage and ROP with Formation Evaluation

Receiving real-time image logs from the TelePacer platform helps you steer within sweet spots to increase in-zone percentage. By avoiding geosteering corrections, sliding is minimized and ROP is improved. These benefits are important when using GR imaging, which identifies early signs of changes in lithology and determines well trajectory and wellbore position.

Enhance Geological Evaluation and completions Design

To significantly enhance geological evaluation, spectral GR can be added to the TelePacer platform to provide elemental context (potassium, thorium, and uranium) for changes in the GR imaging log. Together, GR imaging and spectral GR also reveal points of lower, uniform stress, which is ideal for placing fracture clusters.

GR imaging data improve formation evaluation and well placement, leading to opportunities for overall performance improvement.

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