PowerDrive X6

Tool Details

PowerDrive X6* RSS is part of the PowerDrive* RSS family of fully rotating steerable systems that minimize the risk of sticking. The entire family has a complete direction and inclination sensor package close to the bit for precise well placement, and can generate its own power for 3D steering and control.

In any drilling environment, the PowerDrive RSS family delivers the power required to place wells accurately with superior borehole quality while ensuring maximum drilling efficiency.

Maximized Recovery and Reliability

The PowerDrive X6 RSS maximizes each well’s productive potential, putting wells in the best place in less time. Because it delivers smoother wellbores, post-drilling operations such as running, casing, and wireline logging are simplified.

Higher Efficiency and greater accuracy than motors

In applications where RSS’ were not previously viable, a fully rotating steering system is now available with the PowerDrive X6 RSS. It delivers 3D well profiles and drills high-angle wells more efficiently compared with positive displacement motors. Near-bit measurements, available in real time, ensure accurate, productive drilling and wellbore placement.

Increased Confidence from Full Directional Control

The PowerDrive X6 RSS is designed for full directional control while rotating the drillstring. Automatic inclination hold and downlink systems work to improve depth accuracy in the horizontal section. This maximizes recoverable reserves and the well’s production potential. A sensor package (triaxial) facilitates fast, responsive directional control in both automatic and manual mode. Optional gamma ray sensor enables fast response to formation changes.

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