Tool Details

PowerV* vertical drilling RSS is part of the PowerDrive* RSS family of fully rotating steerable systems that minimize the risk of sticking. The entire family has a complete direction and inclination sensor package close to the bit for precise well placement, and can generate its own power for 3D steering and control.

In any drilling environment, the PowerDrive RSS family delivers the power required to place wells accurately with superior borehole quality while ensuring maximum drilling efficiency.

Efficient Vertical drilling from Spud to total depth

The PowerV RSS is the reliable and efficient solution for vertical drilling applications. It provides cost-efficient drilling while maintaining a vertical wellbore all on its own. The fully rotating system improves hole cleaning efficiency and wellbore quality in vertical wells, reducing risk of expensive correction runs. With the PowerV RSS, the potential for lost-in-hole incidents and mechanical and differential sticking is minimized. Its high rpm capacity makes it suitable for the PowerDrive vorteX RSS configuration.

Wide Operating Range for Ultimate adaptability

The PowerV RSS automatically steers the well path downward while drilling, regardless of different inclines. Once verticality is achieved, any tendency to build angle is automatically corrected downhole. The automatic steering control requires minimal supervision from surface and needs no MWD system to function. There is no need for dedicated rig-site supervision, lowering potential HSE risks. If direction and inclination monitoring is critical, an MWD tool can be added to the BHA.

The PowerV RSS can be adapted to run on almost any rig. It covers most hole sizes and is a perfect application for hard formation and formations with a high dip angle.

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